Anonymous asked:
my sister, my friend, and i are going, and i bought the tickets under my dad's name, would that be a problem??

It shouldn’t be. If they ask, just explain that your dad bought it

Anonymous asked:
if i bring in canned food for Skip the Line passes and im going with 2 other people, would we each have to bring in 3 cans of food/$5 each? or are we able to just donate as group and get the passes?

You each have to donate 3 cans/$5.

Anonymous asked:
i got print at home tickets, would it really matter if i printed them in black and white?


Anonymous asked:
do you get to know which bands are playing at what time and what stage -at the very day?

Yup. On the day of, you will find out all of that info

Anonymous asked:
im going to warped with my friend, and my sister wants to come with as a guest. She's over 18, but other than that would she be able to leave the Reverse Daycare tent? and also would it be a problem if all the tickets are under my name(im under 18), especially because my friend is using that ticket.

The ticket thing should be fine, but for Reverse Daycare anyone with a free ticket doesn’t automatically go there. They can enter and leave freely, but I’m not sure how old you have to be to go into Reverse Daycare since it as since it advertises it for parents. She might be able to get in, I’m not sure.

Anonymous asked:
I think I got chosen for the free VIP ticket and found out today. Do they email you? Or what usually happens

I have no idea what you are talking about. Do you mean the surveys because when you finish or when you begin the survey it tells you how you will be contacted if you win.

Anonymous asked:
im the anon that was asking about going without an adult i mean like would my friend and i be okay if we just went alone?

You’ll be fine.

darkfrkinglord asked:
so im in my early to mid teens and i bought tickets for warped, and my parents totally approved but my brother has this idea that warped tour is just this huge pit of violence and pot smoking. i DONT want him to chaperone(he wouldnt want to} but do you have anything that i can tell him to assure him its totally safe for me and my friend to go to warped? thanks i appreciate it

Do people get hurt? Yes, but nothing serious. Maybe someone will step on your foot or you’ll pushed around in the pit, but so will everybody else. Plus, there is First Aid tents at Warped.

About people smoking weed, any illegal drugs are not allowed into Warped Tour and if some people manage to sneak it in, it won’t effect you because there are around 10 000+ attendees at each date, and the chances you run into someone smoking pot is low. and tell him that if someone offers it to you, you’ll deny them.

Look you can tell him whatever you want, but he and his opinions can piss off because he doesn’t have any authority over you, your parents do. And if your parents say it’s okay, then why should his opinion matter?

Anonymous asked:
Hai, I'm 15 and this would be my first warped tour, my mother really does not feel like going and she would be the one purchasing my ticket, instead of my mom going could my 21 year old sister go in her place to watch over me and get in for free?

She should be able to get in for free. Make sure your sister brings ID

Anonymous asked:
what exactly are skip the line passes?

You get early entry (like 15 or so minutes) into the venue. In my FAQ, I mention how to get them.