Anonymous asked:
Can I bring an empty nalgene water bottle? Or will it be confiscated?

That’s fine

continuance asked:
The denver date on august 3rd is going to be my 4th warped tour so I pretty much know how it goes. but i've always purchased my tickets to arrive in the mail and this year i decided to just get the online print-out tickets that get emailed to you. I bought my ticket about a week ago but it's not in my emails anywhere :( should it be there already, or does it not get emailed until like the night before my tour date or something? thanks!!

Check your junk mail, also consider that you may have put your e-mail in wrong. I’d check your account with the ticket provider because it should have the option to print from there

Anonymous asked:
I want to take my stepdaughter to the Warped Tour. I know parents get in for free with a child's ticket. Do I have to bring proof that I'm a guardian of hers?

Yeah, just an ID or something like that should work

Anonymous asked:
What tent can I get the condoms at? My girl & I wanna do it in the porta potty

I’m not telling you this because that is super unsanitary and could be illegal (plus, if you know anything about condoms, you’d know the big companies and be able to spot their tent).

Anonymous asked:
can you bring in deodorant?

I wouldn’t bring it. Each venue is different on what they would allow in/what they consider projectiles.

Anonymous asked:
when i go to purchase tickets it says that only regular advance is left that the special advance it sold out. whats the difference? and will regular advance get me in to see the bands?

Special advance means early bird, meaning it’s cheaper. The regular tickets are full price. And it doesn’t matter what ticket you have, all get you into the venue

Anonymous asked:
Donating blood can you donate at warped tour or do you need to donate ahead if time?¿

Ahead of time

Anonymous asked:
How do I get permission or receive a pass to bring my DSLR?

You had to apply/email Warped in like April/May for a press pass. IF you don’t want a press pass, apparently you can still bring them in but I would call your venues to see if they allow in DSLRs

Anonymous asked:
I'm going to bring 3 cans to skip the line. I know they give you a wristband, but where do you stand? Do you just go back to the regular line or is there a line just for the skip the line pass

There is a line for the skip the line people

Anonymous asked:
what exactley is the regular advanced tickets?

How is something both regular and advanced?