Anonymous asked:
Do you think TSSF will have a signing?


Anonymous asked:
I have a canon a3400 is it ok to bring? oh and my friend is bringing cigarettes hes underage, hes thinking about hiding it in his pants, do they pat you down? How do the check you, like whats the procedure

Your camera is fine, it’s a point and shoot.

I have been patted down at Warped before (and almost had Advil taken away from me since I hid them in my pants), but it depends on your venue. I would say that if one of you is bringing a bag, hide it in the bag (wrap it in an extra piece of clothing or hat, or in a wallet). But some venues are very through with the bag check as well. How strict security is depends on the venue.

Anonymous asked:
When Do They Send The Email Of The Actual Tickets For The Trip For Concerts?

I’m assuming you mean Rock & Bus that can bring people to Warped Tour? You’re not very clear.

Go to your date on the Warped Tour website site, click the date of your show (not the but button, the date like July 4th). It’ll bring you to a new page for that specific date and there should be something out Rock & Bus, click that. But, I think the only offer Rock & Bus in Ontario and New York

Anonymous asked:
So I bought two tickets one for me and one for my friend as a gift and her mom wants to go and so does mine considering we're still young, but since I bought both of them is her mom able to come or just the adult who's name the ticket is under?

One free parent per party, so just one.

Anonymous asked:
Hi i'm 15 years old and have a print out ticket under my moms name, me and her have a different last name. Will it matter at the gate? or does she need to come?

It should be fine, my mom is the same way (different last name) and she used to buy my tickets when I first started going to Warped and they didn’t have an issue with it. If the security question it, just say it’s your mom.

Anonymous asked:
Does warped tour give out free monster during the entire show? Orlando warped tour july 27

They give free Monster tour water to the bands and crew. The last time I’ve seen them give free Monster out was 2011, but I do live in Canada and they could have trouble bringing it over. But from watching Warped vidoes, Warped Roadies tv show etc, they haven’t given out free Monster’s in a awhile

Anonymous asked:
How do you know they're done announcing bands?

Because they haven’t announced bands in several weeks and there are no more advertisements on the Warped website and blog saying that there are more band announcements.

But if they do some last minute announcements or band changes, I will post them here.

Anonymous asked:
how old do you think you should be to go to warped?

13 and older. But any any age, I think you should go with friends.

Anonymous asked:
Me and my friend are going to the july 18th date in michigan and i was wondering if you a buy a ticket at the gate? My friend is sure that we can.

Call about two weeks before the show and ask if they are selling at the gate, because they may not sell them at the gate. Plus, if you order online with that short of a time before the show, make sure you select the option to print your ticket.

Anonymous asked:
I'm asking more for an opinion rather than advice so it'd be cool if you could help!! I got my warped ticket as a Christmas gift for my hometown show but now a big group of my friends are planning a road trip to one of California's shows so I'm going with them to that. If you were me, would you look for someone to go with still to your hometown show as well? or just sell my ticket and go in Cali with my friends only?

Here’s a question for you, would you rather go to Cali with a bunch of your friends and go to your hometown one to which you don’t have anyone to go with yet?

If you decide Cali, please be careful on how you sell the ticket. Try to sell it to people you know first (or at school/work) before going online to sell it.