Anonymous asked:
Im really stressing out about when i get there so if i get there by at the latest 10:00 and skip the line will i get in by 11:30?

When ever your doors open + 2 hours early

Anonymous asked:
Like do we need those to meet everyone? Where's the tent for them?

Yes, they will be different wristbands, for each different person/band

Anonymous asked:
Like, a few weeks ago, DeeFizzy had talked about some free ticket to meet him so I'm assuming that's how it works to meet everyone? (Like you pay $45 for the regular ticket, but once you're in there, you get an extra ticket to meet certain people to keep things in order?)

It’s just a wristband you need that gives you permission to meet them. You go to whatever tent they are a part of and ask for one.

Anonymous asked:
Do they give out free monster energy drinks?

Yes, but only the monster patio

Anonymous asked:
should i wear a "free kisses" sign? my friend wore one to pride and it went alright.

If you want to, sure

Anonymous asked:
Can I bring pads?


Anonymous asked:
Can you please explain the whole extra free ticket to actually meet people while you're there? (I'm on mobile so I can't go in your faq if it's there sorry)

Sorry, what are you asking? The free ticket can only go the legal guardians who are over 28 of a minor.  No idea what you mean by a free ticket to meet people, unless you very awkwardly asking asking signings…

Can you just rephrase the question(s) and ask again?

Anonymous asked:
Can I bring granola bars for band members if I see them?


paratyler asked:
I bought action figures for a band. Will they allow me to bring them in the box?

I don’t know, sorry. I’ve seen people bring in plush toys, but those are soft.

didyoumeanaustrisa asked:
my tour date is tomorrow and I thought doors opened earlier than 11 like 9 or 10 I'm confused

They open at 11am for most dates.