Anonymous asked:
Are there any vegan-type foods on tour or should I bring my own?

At my date there was a vegan food truck, but my date (since changing venues) as also brought in food trucks since there are not food vendors at the venue. But a lot of date don’t have food trucks, and you’d be lucky to find even vegetarian options (the venues provide food). I would bring, mainly just snacks, but try not to bring stuff like fruits or veggies - they will mostly likely take that from you (it’s hard and heavy). I suggest to bring something like dry yet filling trail mixes or granola.

Anonymous asked:
What time should I arrive if I am going to the date located in Detroit?

At least 2 hours before doors.

johnnaonedirection asked:
I see a lot of people with body paint at Warped, but I can't never find where it is. What tent is it at and how much is it?

Hey, I’m not sure what the tent for called, it was a non profit/charity tent about providing art supplies to children in underfunded school districts (I believe, that could be wrong). And they just gave you packets of paint, it was free.

Anonymous asked:
Can you get vip passes by getting there extra early to help them set up?

Maybe, but you have to be selected by a member of the Warped Crew to help set up, like the catering people (which may not happen and they may not need anyone). And they don’t even give you ‘VIP passes’, it’s usually just backstage for your favourite band and only one band. That’s what my friend was offered when he helped out catering back in 2011. Remember, they don’t always need volunteers and not all of them would give you something like that in return. Some expect you to work the whole day, and you’ll be let off for about an hour for food and to watch bands (from the crowd). If you volunteer, a lot of companies expect you to work. Most of the companies that do that are non-profit and they rely on volunteers. If you want to know more about volunteering, go to the We Are the Kids blog. The most helpful advice I’ve learnt from that website, is do not volunteer expecting to get a reward (like VIP Passes), 9/10 you won’t.

I you want VIP Passes, be a friend of a band/crew or get a press pass.

giannagg33 asked:
So how safe is the tour? I'm trying to convince my mom to let me go. I'll most likely be going to the Detriot or Chicago location. Also if there is a website that says how safe could you send me the link so I can show her.

It is safe. There is security provided by Warped and by all venues. Some venues even have police (the old Toronto venue was like that). So if there is an issue, you have someone to report it too. There are first aid tents and free water is given so people don’t get dehydrated. I would always recommend going with friends, you are greater in numbers (plus it’s more fun). Also, if you are under 18, your mother can go with you for free (which is honestly the best way to get her to know that you are safe).

You can look at the dozens of posts I have about safety. There are some recent ones that parents complain about people having sex at Warped, but that has nothing to do with YOUR safety.

Anonymous asked:
Which do you think is better last warped date or first on the tour?

Last date, also it’s in Seattle and it’s where Warped originated from, so Seattle a pretty awesome date (it used to be the first date of every tour, but they had to change that last year due to scheduling conflicts).

Vans Warped Tour 2015 Dates!

The dates are in! We have dates for the 2015 Vans Warped Tour! It seems like they have decided to get rid of the Montreal date again, but I think all of the cities are the same as last year. No venues have been announced yet, they will probably be released when the tickets start being sold.

httpsuicide asked:
What's the best type of camera to bring to warped?

I’d suggest a good point and shoot camera, that has good optical zoom (most come with at least 5x). If it has a good optical zoom, then you don’t really need to bring a DSLR. DSLR’s still have other benefits over point and shoots, but the main benefit at concerts is a zoom lens and if you have at least 5x, you’ll be fine.

Anonymous asked:
To the parent worried for their child about seeing sexual intercourse in the portable bathroom, it happened to my son. He said he received a condom and right next to where he received the condom there were kids having sex in the portable restrooms. My friends daughter lost her virginity at Warped this year and she is very disappointed. I wouldn't be worried and not let your daughter go to Warped but I would suggest going with her

My main thing is why are people having sex in a bathroom that rarely gets cleaned and that thousands (most Warped dates are at least ten thousand people) share? For me, I think it’s a hygienic issue and that people should just wait til they go home (also, it wouldn’t be very comfortable). As for your friends daughter, I hope she knew the person and that there was consent, but I agree in saying that you shouldn’t have sex at a port-a-potty at Warped (or any music festival). It’s just awkward. I have nothing wrong with being given a condom (since Trojan does sponsor Warped), but I’m not going to use it that day.

I main thing I agree with you is your last sentence. Yes, the other parent shouldn’t be worried and should still let her go next year, but to go with her.

Anonymous asked:
One of my friends said they had gone to Warped 2014 and he bought tickets for 2015 from promotors/band managers.... Is this true ?

Probably not, because they don’t even have dates released yet for 2015, so there is no way in having a ticket for next year